National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Kristin Barr

Magna, UT

Entry Photo for Kristin Barr - Magna, UT

I am a single mother of a 19 yr old severely disabled girl and am in need of more reliable transportation to get her to and from doctor appointments and to be able to get her out and about. She is in a wheelchair, cannot walk or talk, but has a ton of personality! Currently I have a Chevy G20 (1989) that has the lift and the space to carry her, but I am pouring money into it! It eats gas like crazy, so I don’t drive it much. I also have a minivan (2000 Chevy Venture) but it is too small for her latest chair configuration (it has a lift, but I can’t get her into it) it’s also pretty much on it’s last legs, too. I am in search of something that is the best of both worlds…where I can fit her in the vehicle (chair and all) and have gas mileage that doesn’t end up costing me so much….and preferably something with a bit more life to it! My daughter is also on continuous oxygen and continuous CPAP (she has a trach). It would mean so much if I could win this! I would trade in both old vehicles for it!!