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Kurtis Gross

Katy, TX

Entry Photo for Kurtis Gross - Katy, TX

Kurtis survived a car accident that left him completely paralyzed at age 19. Following Kurtis’s accident he spent a great deal of time in the hospital and rehabilitation. He made the decision that being a quadriplegic was not going to stop him from living his life to the fullest. He went on to earn his bachelor’s degree. Then his law degree.

Kurtis has volunteered as an Attorney Ad Litem for children involved in CPS cases. After law school, he volunteered at the District Attorney’s office but had a difficult time finding an employer willing to give him an opportunity to prove his value. Kurtis’s persistence paid off in 2007, he began his current position with Mustang Engineering.

Kurtis met and married his wife, Shelley. They have three boys, Nathaniel, and twins Noble and Nolan.

In addition to the boys’ active lives in school and sports, Shelley volunteers at the children’s school and is Kurtis’s caregiver. Outside of his job, Kurtis spends a great deal of time volunteering at his children’s school, tutoring, mentoring, working with the KISD school board, and as a guest speaker at various community events. And this is all in addition to his many medical appointments that are necessary to monitor and maintain his level of health.

Kurtis has to be driven to and from work every day, and he has to be driven to all of the children’s sports activities, school functions, his own volunteer activities, and anywhere they go as a family. Six months ago, Kurtis and one of their sons were being driven home, they were t-boned. The accident resulted in extensive damage to Kurtis’s van. A new van would be a blessing to Kurtis and his active family.

“Kurtis lives a life of inspiration,” says his friend Brandon Layhew. “He inspired his wife so much that she fell in love with him. He inspired God to give him three boys, and he’s inspired his sons so much that they let him know it’s okay if he misses a game or two when he can’t get there or doesn’t feel up to it with his many medical issues. He’s inspired me and so many others who are blessed to be part of his life.”

Kurtis hopes he is awarded a van. It will allow him to get to his many commitments and especially to get out with his family more easily and more often.