National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Lauren Bandes

Cooper City, FL

Entry Photo for Lauren Bandes - Cooper City, FL

I’m doing this for my best friend, Amanda Boyce. She needs this wheelchair van. She has a 31 year old son who is disabled. She lifts him everyday. She has lifted him for his whole life. She is lifting his wheelchair also. It is very heavy. I’m writing this for her. She is praying to get the van. After she takes care of her son, she takes care of me. She loves taking care of me and I love her so much. She comes every afternoon. I’m honored to have her in my life. She is my favorite person & that’s why I am doing this for her.

Her son is getting heavy to carry & that’s why she needs the van. She has been carrying him for years and her back hurts. The van will help her a lot. She will be very happy to have the van. I want to nominate this van for her. I know that if she gets it, she will be happy. The van will be a blessing to her. The family will love it, especially her disabled son. He wouldn’t get out of his wheelchair. He can transfer but it’s hard. I’m sure that he would be happy with the van. She will not have to lift the wheelchair again. I have a van too & I love it because I don’t have to be carried. I’m sure that they will love this van. They really need the van. I promised her that I wrote this for her.

She is my aide & the van will be a life saver for her. The van should have an EZ Lock System to make it easier for her. She is a single mom of 4 children. It’s so hard for her to get everyone in the van, especially her disabled son. I want this van for her to make it easier for her. I’m praying that she will get the van. She will be very happy if she wins the van. Please let her win the van. When she gets the van, she will hug me.

I would be very happy if she gets the van. The van will be helpful to her. She will be very happy to have the van. She asked me to write this for her and I did. I’m honored to be writing this for her. I love her.