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Layla Martin

Lebanon, OH

Entry Photo for Layla Martin - Lebanon, OH

It’s hard to believe for some people that my hero is my soon to be 3 year old daughter Layla. Layla has a brain disease that is undiagnosed. Even with the shrinking of her brain she is a bright eyed, happy little girl. When Layla was born she was “normal”. Up till the age of 1 she was doing everything she was suppose to. She than began standing on the top of her feet when she tried to stand. So an MRI in March off 2012 showed us that her cerebellum and brain stem are shrinking. She began to go downhill after that. She started to loose her ability to crawl so my determined little girl decided to bunny hop instead. Once that went away she army crawled around. She always has stayed happy and laughing throughout this whole process of loosing abilities and massive testing for a diagnosis. During January of this year Layla caught the common cold. It nearly took Layla from us. We were asked our plan for her and told to call in our family. Layla won the battle! She pulled through and made the doctors all wonder how. She lost a lot of strength and the ability to eat on her own but is alive and still smiling! She is getting stronger day by day even though the doctors said she is at “the end of life”. Looking at her you can’t even notice how bad off she was. We need a van so bad because with her and her 4 siblings we are very cramped when trying to get places. No matter what I know things will be okay because if my daughter can smile and move forward being so happy with herself I know I can too!