National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Lyllyan Blare

Hermitage, TN

Entry Photo for Lyllyan Blare - Hermitage, TN

I became sick at 28 with a rare disease, which has no cure. My body has since been regressing & will continue to do so. I’d been a Special Education teacher at the time, but found I was actually a student – the kids I’d worked with taught me to stay positive, hopeful & to persevere no matter my physical circumstances. I’m now the proud mom of a terrific little girl & am striving towards my goal of going back to work. I use a power chair & cannot afford a van to travel to & from a job. I want to return to work for several reasons:

1. I want the government assistance that’s helped me greatly to be available for someone else who finds themselves suddenly sick or disabled.

2. I believe I have a lot to offer my community & can contribute to the world around me.

3. I want to teach my daughter that no matter what we’re going through in life & in spite of any physical limitations we may have, we should do what we’re able to do in order to be responsible, productive members of our society.

I may be physically limited, but my mind, soul and heart function quite well and I love life!! I love being a mother & having a van to transport me & my daughter to places like the zoo, the park, trips, etc. would be delightful!! I intend to continue to work towards my goals… even if I don’t win a van! Thank you for this opportunity!! God bless, Lylly