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Madison Brightbill

Spring hill, FL

Entry Photo for Madison Brightbill - Spring hill, FL

I believe my daughter Madison is a hero she has been through so much and keeps striving to move forward. She was in a traffic accident in grade school and suffered. A tramatic brain injury. She has several medical issues and multiple surgeries. And spent more than her share of time in the hospital some of the times in the hospital was touch and go but my hero Madison is a fighter we call her our super girl. She was unable to have much therapies they tell Us do to where we lived. Though we did travel 3 hrs one way for dr appts we been. having to share a car and Madison needs to be lifted in and out of the car when we have help to do it and if there is no help we sit at home until we get help sometimes that is days of sitting at home so instead of looking at the walls we go for for walks to pass the time her father has lost his job due to Madison Medical issues. .just recently we loaded up the family and moved to another state to give Madison better services now that we are here we have no way of getting Madison where she needs to go at all times but Madison is just happy and keeps going to do better not to much gets her down this is why she is our hero.