National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Margaret Adams

Fremont, OH

Entry Photo for Margaret Adams - Fremont, OH

My mom and dad have been married for 43 years. In that time they have raised three boys and two girls. Not too long ago my parents entered into what some call, “an empty nest.” My mom and dad used to be very active in running, bowling and working, but with age these responsibilities and hobbies slowed. My dad wanted them enjoy a past-time that they once shared, and he had a perfect gift in mind for Mother’s Day.

On May 10, 2015 my mom received a customized purple (her favorite color) bicycle that he special ordered. Four days later my mom wanted to try out her new bike out on the country road that stretched in front of their home. That is when tragedy struck.

While riding home on this country road with gravel on each side of the road, ‘v’ shaped ditches and going the speed of a jogger on foot, my mom lost her balance. Her front tire slipped off the road into the gravel, then slowly into the ditch. My mom thought it would be safer in that moment to stay on the bike during the fall. She landed on her side pushing her shoulder and her hip together making her body shape like that of an accordion. She knew instantly that something was wrong. My mom shattered her T3 and T4 vertebrae severely damaging her spinal cord and leaving her paralyzed from the diaphragm down.

It has been one year now and my mom is still the same loving, caring and most selfless person I know. My mom is strong, determined and dedicated to somehow walk again, but without a vehicle my mom is not able to get to necessary doctor appointments, care givers, or physical therapy sessions. My dad is strong and prideful, but he has thrown his back out twice since the accident attempting to transfer my mom when necessary. My mom and dad will not ask for a thing, but please, I ask you to help my parents get this life changing vehicle.