National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Mary Alton

Echo, ON

Entry Photo for Mary Alton - Echo, ON

Thank you so much for this chance to tell our story. Bill was 61 years old and looking forward to retirement. We were planning on traveling and experiencing new adventures. It happened at our remote Northern Ontario cabin during our annual family gathering. Bill dove into shallow water and our lives changed forever. I’m thankful that I was standing so close and was able to get him to shore. My screams for help brought everyone running. The rest is a blur of land ambulance, air ambulance and the 6 hour drive to get to the trauma hospital. That was 5 years ago and, while we’re lucky to have home care a few hours a day, it’s still very trying. I work full-time and with his minimal disability pension we barely make ends meet. Our 2004 Chevy Venture is starting to give us problems. The doors are jamming, sometimes open, sometimes shut. And the body is starting to rust. We hope it makes it through another northern winter. Bill is a C4-5 incomplete quad and needs assistance with all activities of daily living. He uses a power chair and we have no access to public transportation. An accessible vehicle is essential for getting to medical appointments and for maintaining an active social life.