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Mary Breazeale

Mt Pleasant, TX

Entry Photo for Mary Breazeale - Mt Pleasant, TX

Our angel boy Keaton, was airlifted the night he was born at 27 weeks..he had a brain bleed..My grand daughter could not go right then, she had to spend the night in Hospital herself..He was placed in the neo natal ICU in Methodist Hospital in Dallas Texas in 2003..not much hope was given for him to survive, fluid on his brain, blood on his brain, hole in his heart and intestines..they did surgery to put a bag on his intestines..he only weighed 2lb 4 oz. They then sent him to Children’s Hospital to have stunt put in to drain fluid off his brain, which he still has today..He has seizures, I lost count how many surgeries..his birth father scaled him when he was a baby, he went through painful burn treatments..he is no longer in Keaton’s life, he has a wonderful step dad…the birth dad went to prison for his crime..My grand daughter has two more boys, both healthy…she works hard, and pays her way, only help she has is Keaton’s SSI..he is in a wheel chair..and doing fair in school…I have watched her struggle to load his wheel chair in a a small car for years and three boys take up the whole back seat..she carries him a lot and he is nearly as big as she is, she is a small gal…one of the best mothers and caregivers I ever saw…she amazes me..and Keaton is our joy, so loving, once a neo natal doctor kept trying to get her to unplug her baby, she would cry and say no, you don’t know what God can do..and many prayers later and lots of tears , sweat and blood, he will turn 13 in Sept..she needs this van so bad…I have tried to write other places that give vans to needy people, I have tried for years…I am now home bound unable to do much for myself…but pray for my kids and ask others to have compassion on those who are truly grateful for each deed done..thank you for letting me tell our story about a precious little boy and his hard working dedicated mother…this is Nana.