National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Mason Dolinger

Coal City, WV

Entry Photo for Mason Dolinger - Coal City, WV

My 4yr old son, Mason Dolinger, is my hero. I’m not sure I really understood what having a hero meant until I was blessed with Mason. Sept. 4, 2010, born 9 wks early, flown by Health net to Women’s & Children’s NICU, Mason showed us all how very strong he was from the very beginning. As months went by I began to notice he wasn’t meeting the milestones that other children were. Unable to set up, crawl, roll over, stand or walk. Dec. 21,2011 Mason was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.The neurologist told us straight faced & without skipping a beat,that Mason would not ever walk, ride a bicycle, play sports or have a productive childhood like other children. Mason has proved that brain specialist wrong in so many ways. No matter what, Mason is always smiling & laughing.This does not only light up my heart but his smile touches everyone who meets him. We are very proud of how far he has come & astonished on how Mason can still amaze us with daily success. Mason now can pull himself from one place to another & even though it takes him a little longer & he gets bruises on those little elbows & legs, Mason never complains or cries, he smiles & laughs. Simply is happy he made it. Mason has taught me no matter how hard it is to get to your destination, dont complain about the obstacles you are faced with along the way smile & be happy you made it. During Mason’s fight with Cerebral Palsy we have tried to give him every opportunity with many different therapies & other various commitments. We feel so very blessed these opportunities are available but now our vehicle is so unreliable, he has not been able to get to the appointments he needs to help him continue progressing.Due to our financial strains and transportation issues. It absolutely breaks our hearts as parents to see him come so far and now because of our misfortune Mason has went 3 steps back instead of taking his 1st steps forward. Mason being the inspiration he is & having the determination he does deserves to have every opportunity he can to get him to his destination with a smile. I know Mason will do wonderful beautiful things in this world he has already touched so many lives.