National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Mason Schultz

Jeannette, PA

Entry Photo for Mason Schultz - Jeannette, PA

Mason was suddenly diagnosed with a rare, incurable disease called leg-calve-perthes back in December 2015. Sadly, the disease is limiting his mobility, causing him pain, restricting him from so many activities, and affecting his quality of life. Before the sudden diagnosis, Mason was such a happy, outgoing, loving, fun little boy with lot’s of energy! He is still that happy, loving, fun little boy but he can’t physically do the activities he loves such as dancing and soccer. He had his 1st surgery on 1/25/16, an osteotomy of his hip at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. The surgery helps to correct the irregular growth of the hip bones but there is no guarantee & he is in need of more surgeries down the road. Mason struggles with getting in and out of vehicles as well as getting around. If Mason and his family are going on some type of trip or just to somewhere as simple as the mall, they have to take his wheelchair because he cannot make it walking around the mall for very long. After walking or just standing for a short length of time Mason is in pain & uncomfortable. As you can imagine, this has taken a toll on his mom as well. She was off of work taking care of Mason for the 3 months he was off from his surgery which didn’t help their financial situation. She has a heck of a time getting Mason to and from appointments and physical therapy, as well as to and from various everyday places like the doctor’s, stores, to visit his family, etc. She has to be sure to load and unload their car with Mason’s wheelchair and walker each time, and the walker barely fits into the trunk. The walker is usually shoved in the front seat or in the back seat with the kids. If Mason is chosen to receive a mobility van that would be such a blessing for him & his family! All Chelsea wants is for Mason & his sister to be happy & healthy, she is so giving & selfless, this would be a wonderful opportunity for them. It would make life just a little easier for Mason & would help them getting to and from many places. Thank you for your consideration for this awesome little boy who has lost so much from this awful disease.