National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Maureen Rutherford

Chicago, IL

Entry Photo for Maureen Rutherford - Chicago, IL

My daughter Lucy and I are both wheelchair users. My van is 13 years old and can only accommodate one wheelchair safely. I bought the van when she was two and didn’t use a wheelchair yet. She is 15 now and uses a power chair (as do I).

She is in high school and is getting more involved in activities, therefore needs rides more often. We need a van that will safely accommodate both our chairs so I can drive her, and not always have to wait for someone else to drive her in my van.

It is hard to go places as a family because both of us cannot be strapped down safely; or she has to leave her chair home, and she fatigues easily which means we cannot go far.

Lucy is my hero because she has such a good attitude. She is compassionate and thoughtful. She likes to try new things, and she has high hopes for her future.
Thank you for considering my application.o