National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Michael Parsons

Hampton, NH

Entry Photo for Michael Parsons - Hampton, NH

Michael is amazing happy go lucky young man who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair for his mobility. Michael lives in Hampton and during the good weather can be found mingling with his neighbors through the use of his power wheelchair. He is a strong advocate for himself and other folks with similar abilities. He has advocated successfully with local businesses to become accessible for people that use wheelchairs. At one place the business installed a ramp so people can use the facility. Michael is employed and works two jobs about 20 hours a week. He currently works with an agency to assist him in getting to work with transportation. Michael enjoys many things such as the Boston Red Sox, his computer, the gym, shopping at the mall and music. In the summertime he enjoys going to concerts at Hampton Beach. He enjoys taking vacations and enjoys going to Sebago Lake in Maine with his family. Last summer he enjoyed a 3 week vacation at a camp on Martha’s Vineyard where he made many friendships and is looking forward to going back this summer to reconnect with the friends he made. Mike is well known and liked in his community and at local restaurants and his church. Mike currently needs a van to get him to the activities that he enjoys. He lives with his family who cannot afford to purchase the vehicle he needs which limits his ability to participate fully in his community and getting to work. Mike would really benefit from a van that can transport his power wheelchair to promote greater independence in his community, his work, maintaining his many social relationships or possibly taking a class at a local college. With access to accessible transportation Mike will be able to continue to develop to his full potential.