National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Michelle Ayers

Tylertown, MS

Entry Photo for Michelle Ayers - Tylertown, MS

My name is Michelle Ayers, I have been married to my husband William Ayers for 23 years. In 2009, William was in a motorcycle accident and sustained a C-4 spinal cord injury, quadriplegic. The night of the accident my doctors told us that he would not make it, but he fought and despite everything the doctors were saying, he stated that he was going to live, and that is when he became my hero.
Before the accident William was always on the go, as a matter of fact we were always on the go as a family, traveling, hiking, amusement parks, which we still enjoyed as adults. There were times when we would just get in the car and drive without a destination. Our way of life ceased in the matter of a second.
William is a United States Army Veteran and I currently serve in the United States Navy. We currently own a Hyundai Elantra, which makes it very hard and unsafe to transfer him into that low and small car, so there are times when he will go months at a time and not even leave the house. It has not been easy at all for us to from a family that never stopped to a complete loss of who we were and what we knew for 23 years. The doctors have been telling us for years that he needs to get back to traveling and going places to try and break him out of his comfort zone, so that he can get find a new way of life, but it is a hard task to get him out and around because the vehicle we have is very unsafe for him to get in and out of. He also has doctor appointments on a regular basis in Jackson, Mississippi, at the VA hospital which is a 2 hour drive from where we live.
I volunteer at an elementary school for reading and tutoring the kids on a regular basis. So not only do I serve my community but I also serve our country, as my husband did years ago.
We would like to win the van so that we can get back to the things that made us who we were so long ago, safe and comfortable so that his terrible accident does not define the rest of our lives.