National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Michelle Boniol

New Port Richey, FL

Entry Photo for Michelle Boniol - New Port Richey, FL

Our sister Michelle is a truly inspiring woman, and we are so fortunate to be able to call her our sister. In September of 2012 Michelle was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2B. This would ultimately change her life in more ways than one. Shortly after her diagnosis her husband left her and their two boys who are now 17 and 5. In August of 2014 her youngest son was diagnosed with autism. Michelle has to rely solely on family and friends to get either herself and/or the boys to various appointments.

Now is where Michelle’s inspiration shines. She has been an active participant in the MDA Muscle Walk since her diagnosis. In the past three years her team Bright & Shiny has raised over $12,000.00. Those that know her, can attest that this is the perfect team name for her. She hasn’t let her diagnosis define her, she maintains the witty, sarcastic humor that is Michelle. She continues to do what she can for MDA, simply because she can. Because she knows that she is very fortunate. She is an amazing mom to our nephews and niece, who incidentally moved back home to be able to help out a bit more with the daily things that most take for granted. Grocery shopping, doctor appointments, errands, etc.

Last year Michelle became involved with Light it Up Green for MD. Which is a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness to all Muscular Dystrophies. Last year was the first year that four states signed the proclamation to actually make that happen in August. They are already working on trying to get this to go national this year. This has become important to her because so many think Muscular Dystrophy is just that, and it’s so much bigger than those two words.

Our sister deserves this opportunity, this opportunity to regain some of her independence, this opportunity to be an even more amazing mom. Michelle is one of the most unselfish people. This is a woman who will continue to do what she can to raise much needed funds and awareness to all of the MD’s.

She really is Bright & Shiny… She’s still that ‘big sis’ that we love. She’s just a little bit shorter and on wheels. She has never let her wheels define her. She’s defined them.