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National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Michelle Boniol

New Port Richey, FL

Entry Photo for Michelle Boniol - New Port Richey, FL

I am writing on behalf of my oldest sister. Michelle was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy in September of 2012. Shortly after she received her diagnosis her husband left her and their two boys to start a new life. My sister has been an inspiration to so many family members and friends. She is raising her children on her own, as a single disabled mom. But, while she has done that, she found out that her diagnosis doesn’t weaken her strengths and abilities, it makes her find more purpose and goals that she has set out to achieve. My sister has started a team for the MDA Muscle Walk, this past year was her second year participating in it, her team name is Bright & Shiny, and those that are fortunate to know Michelle know that this name is so fitting of her, it reflects her personality. My sister tries to find every positive aspect of her disease, and she has found several, some of the reasons are more comical than others, but that is truly who Michelle is…sarcastic, funny, witty, compassionate, loving, etc.
For my sister to be able to win this contest would give her a sense of her independence that was taken when she lost the use of her legs. But, not only that, it would give her the opportunities to just go to a movie with her kids, without me. Not that I don’t enjoy spending the time with my sister, niece and nephews. But, I know that at times she would just like for it to be her and her children. It would allow for her to be even more involved with several of the activities and functions that MDA has throughout the year. It would give our father, who is instrumental in picking up her oldest son from football practice every day a break. For Michelle to win this contest, would not just benefit her, it would benefit countless others. Michelle’s philosophy on the creation of her Muscle Walk team, is simple. Her words are I can’t continue to utilize the services that MDA offers to myself without doing whatever I can to give back. Those are words that she lives by, as evidenced when her team took 3rd place in the family teams at the walk. Please consider voting for her, her and her family will not be the only ones to benefit.