National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Natalie Adams

East Chicago, IN

Entry Photo for Natalie Adams - East Chicago, IN

I am a caregiver to my 82 year old Mom Nellie who has dementia, Parkinson’s, heart disease and is diabetic. And to my 55 year old Sister Leslie who has MS, neuropathic pain and has siezures. Both are confined to hospital beds and wheelchairs. I work a full time job close to home so i come home for lunch to give them lunch and turn them in their beds. Then straight home from work for more of the same. My other sister Pat who has partial disability from strokes lives with us too. She walks very slow and with a cane but she is my eyes and ears during the day. I keep them lifted up as best I can but if I had a wheelchair van that would accommodate them so I could take them outside it would be such a blessing. Just getting Leslie to the doctor is almost impossible because I can’t get her in our car at all. Her right leg does not bend much so a cousin with a little bigger car helps me get her to appts when he can. It is very painful for her for us to move her into a car and it breaks my heart every time she cries out in excrutiating pain. I love my family and would give anything to expand their world by being able to take them for a JOY ride and safely get them to their appointments as pain free as possible. This van would be such a blessing to all of them. I believe I could get Leslie to additional medical help if I could get her to the doctor more. My cousins and others help us when they can but it is so hard. Again I love my family and other than going to work and the household shopping I don’t get out much either, I feel guilty that I can get out and they cant. I have been looking for any help I can to purchase a Van for them. It is a pleasure to care for my family and we love each other deeply. I would give anything to be able to give them the gift of life and freedom outside of our home. Thank you for this opportunity. God bless you and this work that you do. The picture is of my beautiful Mom.