National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Natasha Steele

Flint, MI

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My super heroes name is Keegan, otherwise known as The Keeganator! He’s a former preemie who suffered a massive brain bleed, that caused hydrocephalus, and that caused Chiari malformation. He just fought through his 5th brain surgery. With more to come. only a few of the many surgeries, procedures, tests, and and hospital stays in his 4 years of life. He’s been in PT, OT, and ST since he was 6 months old. His long list of DX including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, gastroparesis, feeding tube dependency, have left Keegan 100% reliant on me. Despite the fact that the doctors said he’d have no quality of life, we’ve fought though so much as a team! He may be low functioning, and non verbal, but still understands most everything a 4 year old would. He’s able to communicate well with me and his therapists. He’s a fighter and has inspired so many!
I’d like to mention, I’m a single mother to Keegan. Because of his complexities I’m forced to stay home to take care of him. I’m also battling my own health issues. I’ve been diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia. Lifting Keegan daily is already taking a toll on my body. Add the 50lb wheelchair in and out by myself. We have countless therapies, doctors appointments most being across the state. We have been driving a vehicle that spent more time in the shop than out. It currently has no heat which isn’t ideal in Michigan, especially with a SN child.
We’ve been fundraising, and are working on our second benefit to work towards getting a van. We currently have about 10% saved towards a new lift van. And won’t stop until we reach our goal.
We have a lot on our plates, but always push through because we have so much faith in God. And know God will work a miracle helping us get the right van when it’s his time.
Lastly, today was the icing on the cake! On the way to church at 847am, we were in a head on collision. Our van now has a shattered windshield, no headlight, significant body damage, etc. Praise God, everyone was ok! But now I have to find the means for the repairs we need. As I just lowered out insurance to PL&PD, to cut costs and save more of our van. Please consider us in the giveaway! God Bless