National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Nicholas Alloway

Collingdale, PA

Entry Photo for Nicholas Alloway - Collingdale, PA

Nicholas Alloway is 8 year old who is medically complicated with a history of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a rare and severe form of Epilepsy, that is difficult to treat even with daily medication. The severity of the Seizures have caused global development delay and low muscle tone. He receive all his medication and nourishment via his gastrostomy tube, he is no longer able to be safely fed by mouth due to his Seizures activity and poor muscle tone. Nicholas is no longer able to stand, he is unable to transfer himself and is completely non-verbal and non-ambulatory.He has poor head control and extremely low muscle tone. His global development delay place him in the category of requiring total care 24 hours a day. Nicholas is currently 48″ in height and 55 lbs he is physically transferred by his caregivers up and down the steps, as well as in and out of his WheelChair. He is a growing boy and continue to grow placing a physical strain purchase one out right. The van is a necessary for Nicholas to get to and from his many medical appointment, church, School and other daily activities the as a family we need to attend. Thanks you for reading, Janet ( Nicholas mother) Have a Blessed Day! God Bless!