National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Nick Porter

Kelso, WA

Entry Photo for Nick Porter - Kelso, WA

This amazing young man is my son, Nick. When he was just 2 1/2 years old, Menningicoccal Meningitis took away his legs, lower arms, nose, and most of his teeth. He does have his struggles and has some developmental delay – 3rd grade level – but he doesn’t let that stop him from continuing to try new things nor does he let it limit his goals. Nick is now looking forward to a new exciting chapter in his life. A life full of possibilities thanks to a recent opportunity we are hoping to take advantage of, provided we do not have to decline due to no available vehicle. His future is open but has been stunted by our lack of adequate transportation. We have one family car that my husband must use for work. Therefore, Nick has to stay close to home. His disabilities, both mental and physical, requires physical assistance for his daily needs. I am his full-time caregiver and do what I can to make sure his life is full and positive. Nick has a power wheelchair that helped him have a more “independent” life throughout school, however, we do not have a vehicle large enough to transport this chair and we as a family do not have the funds to purchase an adequate vehicle.

As a result, his chair has been parked since his graduation in June of 2015 leaving him to have to rely on us for all of his outside mobility. When we take him out of the house we have to take a manual/push chair. Doing so means he is unable to be independent and has to be lead around by either my husband or myself. This means he is not able to be left with his peers or to see things he wants to see. He has had to miss out on events/activities or leave early because his father needed the one family car for work. Nick has dreams of volunteering at the police department as well as helping out at the humane society. He loves “road trips” and we take him out to new places as often as we can, but the manual chair can only roll on smooth terrain, limiting his options. Having this wonderful prize would make an enormous difference in his life; opening up the world to many more life fulfilling opportunities and making current possibilities a true reality.