National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Norine Antelo

Middletown, CT

Entry Photo for Norine Antelo - Middletown, CT

I am Norine Antelo the mother of Naz Ahmed and his caretaker my son would be so happy if we were to win a van I could take him to see his grandfarther and other family members go to family gatherings go places to have fun I can’t even take him shopping with me cause we cannot carry grocerices and the wheelchair on the city bus the summer is difficult too the bus only goes so far and then you have to transfer too much that is not so good for Naz I feel so bad when he ask me can we go here or there and we can’t because we have no transportation. Naz can’t even get involved in school activities because of no van my family has cars but they are small my heartaches because of so many things. Naz misses out on.

Sincerly Norine Antelo naz’s mom the picture i sent is of naz and and his niece when they did one time we took the city bus