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National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Pamela Desormo

Watertown, NY

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I would like to nominate my friend, Pamela Desormo to win a handicap van.

Pamela Desormo is the epitome of a Local Hero who continues to achieve, persevere, and help others despite her disability.  Pam underwent high-risk back surgery in April of 2012.  Due to complications from the surgery, Pam was left a paraplegic.  She spent two months in the hospital undergoing intense physical therapy and learning how to live from a wheelchair.  During this time, the staff members at the hospital were amazed at Pam’s determination and positive frame of mind.  As a result, Pam developed lifelong friendships with the people that helped with her rehabilitation.

When Pam returned home, she adjusted remarkably well to her situation.  As she healed from the initial surgery, Pam couldn’t imagine not being able to work and continue helping others. Thus, she made plans to continue working as the deputy clerk for her township and as a member of her town planning board.  With the help of family and friends, Pam has been able to ride to and from work, meetings, therapy, and anywhere she needs to go.

Another example of Pam’s perseverance and continuing achievement is evident in her learning to drive a modified vehicle.  She has taken several lessons, and has proven that she would have no problem adapting to one.  She is hoping one day to have her own van, which would allow her to regain her independence. She would be able to take her ten-year-old daughter to doctor appointments, school functions, and spend some much-needed mother/daughter time with her.

Pam has touched many lives through her ordeal and continues to do so.  She is always willing to lend an ear and offer encouragement whenever someone needs it.  Many people have been inspired by her courage and never-give-up attitude.  Strangers who are facing adversity in their lives have sought her out to tell her how much she has emboldened them to forge ahead.  She even continues to impress her surgeon, who never ceases to be amazed with her tenacity.   Pam is truly a Local Hero who deserves a modified van not only for herself, but to expand her ability to touch the lives of others!

Sincerely,  Belinda Oliveau