National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Paul Ange

Ahoskie, NC

Entry Photo for Paul Ange - Ahoskie, NC

Our local hero was born Paul Ange but we simply call him, Papa. Papa is a husband, father of three and grandfather of 6. He is also pastor of Liberty Church in Ahoskie, NC.Papa has Multiple Sclerosis and a spinal cord injury. As a pastor he visits people in their homes and also in the hospital. Papa needs his wheelchair to make these visits. His children are also spread across the eastern US in MI, FL and NC. All of the grandchildren constantly ask for a visit from Papa, but it is very challenging for him to get out.

Papa was diagnosed with MS in February 2004. Since then he has tried several different treatments to stop the progression of this disease. He can no longer walk on his own and needs his wheelchair everywhere he goes. He is now using a truck with an outside wheelchair transport. He struggles anytime he leaves the house to put the wheelchair on the transport then get out of the chair and cautiously shuffle his way back around the truck and into the drivers seat. Needless to say, there have been MANY falls and tumbles which only add to the pain that is already caused by the symptoms of MS.

Through all of his struggles he has never lost his faith nor his sense of humor! No one can poke more fun or tell a corny joke as well as our Papa. He needs his trusty wheelchair to do his work as a pastor and to get out and enjoy life. Papa helps others everyday and now we would like to try and help him by winning a mobility van!

So, come on and vote for our Papa! We know you can do it!!!!!