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National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Paul Cleworth

Portsmouth, NH

Entry Photo for Paul Cleworth - Portsmouth, NH

Paul in 2011 had a diving accident which has left him a quadriplegic. Paul at the time of accident and currently is a resident of the UK. Paul and his wife have been together for 14 years but only got married after the accident in 2011. Paul and his wife have two children together one of which has aspergers syndrome. Paul in 2013 got his green card but will not be able to get services until he has had it for 5 years. Paul’s wife worked before accident but has not been able to work due to Paul’s level of care. The family currently is living on and has been for the last year their son’s SSI of $480.00 monthly. Their home is currently in foreclosure and they will be moving into public housing when a handicap unit becomes available. The family has an older handicap van that was sold to them by a doctor for $1 when Paul was in rehab. Since June of 2013 they have had to put $2000.00 into repairs which has come from their son’s retroactive SSI. This was approved due to it being their only from of transportation and it is used to meet their son’s needs. They have been just recently told that the van’s frame is rotting out and they will be lucky if they get another year out of it. I have worked with the family as their son’s case manager for the last year. I have called every agency in our area to seek out resources of any kind that could help Paul and his family. Through all of this with his hopes and dreams for his family being shot down at every corner Paul continues to amaze me with resilience and positive attitude. He remains a kind and caring man who wants to help others. He has done some volunteer work with the VNA by talking to others who have spinal cord injury. When I meet with him he has a smile on his face and continues to have a great sense of humor about what life has dealt him. His attitude about life with all the disappointments he and his family have faced is what keeps them strong. He is his children’s hero by his strength and perseverance This is a deserving man and family so please vote for him.