National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Paul Saduskyj

Phoenix, AZ

Entry Photo for Paul Saduskyj - Phoenix, AZ

The vehicle that Paul Saduskyj owned for a number of years, recently caught on fire. The vehicle is no longer repairable. He desperately needs a safe and reliable wheelchair van, that he can drive himself. This will allow him to stay independent. Due to diabetes, wounds to both feet have left Paul disabled. As a result, he can no longer work full time, and is living on a social security disability income of only $970 per month. Clearly Paul’s income is not sufficient enough to allow him to be able to afford a wheelchair van.

Despite multiple weeks spent in the hospital, and painful skin grafts to both feet, Paul remains positive. Doctors and nurses have come to appreciate this intelligent, soft spoken gentleman. Who has such a tremendous sense of humor.

Prior to becoming physically-challenged, Paul was a chaplain in the US Military Service. He also worked in local nursing homes and hospitals. His deep, bass voice made a wonderful contribution to the local opera company. Ballroom dancing is another skill that he mastered and shared with others. Additionally, Paul served for a number of years as a butler.

I asked Paul, “If someone was kind-hearted and generous enough to offer you a fully-equipped wheelchair van. That you could drive, how would that change you life?” With a big smile on his face Paul replied, “let me dream for a minute……………a wheelchair van would make it possible for me to get back into teaching voice, and I would be able to work part time in an office. That would be such an answer to my prayers. Please vote for Paul