National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Paula Ayala

Pueblo, CO

Entry Photo for Paula Ayala - Pueblo, CO

My brother Mark has been a quadriplegic for 13 years now. He was only 42 years old in the prime of his life when his truck he was driving to work slid on black ice. His truck rolled several times. His neck was broken and injuries irreversible. He has had to depend on his children (mainly his two daughters) to care for him. I’m his sister and POA…but the girls have been his homecare providers for years now. Mark’s spirit since his horrible accident has been none other than amazing! Granted he does have his bad days but overall considering his condition he has a great attitude. Mark’s wife divorced him before leaving Craig Hospital in Denver. So he not only lost his mobility but also his wife. This has changed all of our lives! His siblings all have tried to be their for my brother. I’ve committed my life in helping Mark live HIS life as comfortable as possible. That is why I’m submitting this story. The van he has now has a lot of problems. For one it’s kind of old, the lift gets stuck and he often hits his head while entering it. In other words he needs a better van and he would love to have a van like the one you’re giving away. Mark doesn’t have a lot of money. He receives a fixed income from the Railroad Retirement and depends on Medicaid and Medicare to cover medical expenses. Please consider my brother as the recipient of this awesome vehicle…it would make his life so much easier! Thank you so much for consideration!