National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Pauline Aughe

Hilo, HI

Entry Photo for Pauline Aughe - Hilo, HI

Would you have a baby if you knew that when he cried you’d never, ever, be able to pick him up?

What if every time you went anywhere people stared, kids pointed, and talked about you? Would you hold your head high with confidence and pride?

If you knew someone whose smile filled you with encouragement, would you want to share them with others?

I met my friend Pauline at a park. She’s a homeschool mama just like me except she was born without arms or legs.

Let me share why I, and so many others, love Pauline. We love her because of who she is INSIDE. She’s compassionate, smart, funny, motivated, generous, and very brave.

I don’t think of DISability when I’m with her I think of POSability. What would be possible for me in my life if I was to live as fearlessly as she does?

We all love a great story, especially when the hero faces big challenges. We think of over-comers as someone who pushes past a problem, creating a new reality in spite of all obstacles.

But Pauline’s physical reality is not something to be conquered and overcome, like a disease or unfortunate turn of events, it is an ever present fact of her life.

And still… Pauline is a thriver. She lives her life victoriously in spite of the challenges she faces everyday.

As a college graduate with varied professional experience she lends her knowledge and skills to several nonprofits and committees, at the county and state levels, that serve people with disabilities. She also encourages others through speaking engagements, her website, and self-produced online program called “Chair Chats with Pauline Victoria” where she interviews people with disabilities.

Meeting Pauline was possible because she had a highly customized van that gave her the independence and freedom she needed to live her busy life.

Unfortunately, the computer system in her van is broken. It CAN’T be repaired and must be rebuilt in a brand new van. An additional challenge her family’s facing is that Pauline’s amazing husband is suffering from a debilitating neuro-condition that makes it very difficult for him to drive.

Winning this van would restore Pauline’s independence and greatly help her family while affecting our entire community. Pauline’s contagious smile encourages all who see her driving and living a joy-filled life despite her obvious physical challenges.

Pauline is a living example of powerful possibility.