National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Rachel Bingham

Albuquerque, NM

Entry Photo for Rachel Bingham - Albuquerque, NM

From the day William was born I knew he was a special boy. In spite of his disabilities, we determined and instilled in him the philosophy that he could achieve anything he wanted as long as he put his mind to it. William had many struggles from the beginning. When he was a toddler, it took him a while to learn to sit upright by himself, so that milestone was very late. He taught himself to use a skateboard to get around. He was amazingly good at achieving just the right thrust so it could go across the room, yet it could stop the skateboard within less an inch of the wall or an object. He learned how to feed himself by using his neck and shoulder to pick up the utensils, and with the correct balance and movement, get the food to his mouth without a spill. He learned to dress himself when his clothing had loops added.

William is now a young man at 17 years old, and I have watched him develop inner strength and determination, while fostering the mentality that he can do anything he puts his mind to and is willing to work hard for. As you can see, William has a physical disability similar to Nick V, however he does not let that define him as person. He has an easygoing personality that attracts others to him. When out in public, people come up to us and tell us how amazing William is and that they are awed at his ability to do things for himself. He does not like to have other people help him unless he is feels it is absolutely necessary and asks for the help.

At school, William has completed sewing projects, such a pillows. William has also been in contests such as: Battle of the Books (in which his team won 1st place in District and 2nd in State); Knowledge Bowl; GUTS (computer programming to solve current problems); NASA’s SEMAA (Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy) program; Robotics; and MESA. He is such a smart, amazing person and he deserves the world. William has the desire and the will to learn everything possible and that means learning to drive. Because of his physical disability, he needs a van that is specially equipped to get him to school and work. Please help me give my son this amazing gift.