National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Rebecca Bourassa

New Milford, PA

Entry Photo for Rebecca Bourassa - New Milford, PA

My name is Rebecca and I am the proud mommy of Joshua . Joshua will soon be 12 years old and he was born with krabbes leukodystrophy . Joshua had a cord blood transplant at birth and was the 9th baby to have it done at Duke Unniversity . We knew Joshua would be born with Krabbes disease because his big brother Nicholas died at 9 months old with it so we knew to be tested for it. Recently we were told that the disease was still spreading in his peripheral nervous system and Joshua can no longer do things he could do just a few months back. We currently have a SUV that I lift his wheelchair in and out of sometimes several times a day . Joshua recently got fitted for a new wheelchair and its electric.

Joshua is supper excited and can’t wait it’s even blue his favorite color . If our family won this van it would be such a blessing to us. When Joshua gets his new electric wheelchair I will not be able to lift it in and out of our car and even if I could it would not fit . This van would be perfect Josh would fit my other children would fit and the chair would fit and I wouldn’t be breaking my back lifting on it. We do a lot of traveling to dr visits and once a year we go to Hunters Hope Symposium. This van would change our life’s and we would be beyond blessed. Thank you so much for taking time to read my story.