National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Reyna Masters

Tucson, AZ

Entry Photo for Reyna Masters - Tucson, AZ

Hello, my name is Reyna Masters and I am the caregiver of Sean Masters, my son, and he is thirteen years old. Sean was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy when he was 23 months old. He was able to walk until he was four years old. Sean uses a manual wheelchair for his personal mobility. He is finishing up the 7th Grade and is a brilliant student. Sean is a member of the Junior National Honor Society and he enjoys Science, Math, History/Social Studies, Astronomy, and reading. He has also participated in several “Fill The Boot” events with local firefighters. Sean has volunteered with the local office of the MDA since he was 5 years old and has served as the Southern Arizona Shamrock Ambassador. In his spare time, Sean likes to read, watch movies, play with Legos, and spend time with his friends. I have also been a volunteer at the local elementary school for the past six years. Our family van is 16 years old and it is not wheelchair equipped/accessible. Also, is has nearly two hundred thousand miles on it and we frequently have mechanical issues with it including: an overheating engine, non-functioning air conditioning, non-locking doors, and the driver’s door window doesn’t open. Sean is getting bigger and heavier and I have to physically pick him up from his wheelchair and place him into our van, and vice versa, whenever I take him to doctor/medical appointments or just to do errands. This is becoming more and more difficult for me to safely accomplish due to his size and weight. We live in a very warm climate and having a reliable vehicle is critical to our health and safety and even more so for people with Special Needs such as Sean. As a family we enjoy many outdoor activities and a custom wheelchair van would be such an amazing new addition for us. It would allow us to take Sean to many more interesting places such as museums, national parks, observatories, and sporting events. Sean is interested in so many subjects and we want to be able to take him everywhere in a safe and comfortable vehicle.

The Masters Family 🙂