National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Ronald Brown

Kearney, MO

Entry Photo for Ronald Brown - Kearney, MO

Ronald Brown is a single father to 2 boys who are diagnosed with sanfilippo. His sons name are Christian and Isaiah Brown. Both of his sons are severly disabled. The require tube feedings for nutrition, wheel chairs for mobility and other extensive equipment to keep them healthy. Both boys are seen by specialist at Childrens Mercy Hospital where they have several scheduled appointments with many specialist and they both get admitted to the hospital for illness and routine test. It is very difficult for Ron to get both his sons to the Drs because he can not afford a van with a lift to make it easier to get his sons to the Drs. Ron currently has a truck. He has to carry both boys to the truck and lift them up in the truck. He hauls the wheel chairs in the back of the truck so when he gets to their destination they will have their chairs as they do not walk. Once arriving to their destination Ron has to unload the wheel chairs and carry the boys from the truck to their chairs. He always has to leave the house early cause this is a time consumimg process. Life would be so much easier on this single father if he a etter way to transport his sons. It would make life more comfortable for his sons if they could ride in their chairs to their destination. Both boys mentality is that of an infant. They are unable to support themselves sitting up, so not sitting in their wheel chairs Ron has to surround them with pillows after he buckles them in so thay way if they fall over they fall on soft pillows. Ron is such an amazing father and determined to care for his children no matter what.