National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Ruby ( Senyda Muniz) Montes

Albuquerque, NM

Entry Photo for Ruby ( Senyda Muniz) Montes - Albuquerque, NM

This is our precious baby senyda graciela Muniz. We found out about her condition when I was about 3 months pregnant, one of our options was to terminate. That was one option I was not going to do. Instead of fetal surgery we chose to have a ceserean and she was diagnosed with spina bifida L3 and hydrocephalus. She got the spinal cord surgery when she was one day old and got a vp shunt placed at 3 days old.

We kept hearing from doctors that she would never walk. But we never gave up hope. She will b 4 years Oct 29 2016. And today she can walk over 100 ft with walker and braces. She needs wheelchair for long distances. But therapist and doctors are so amazed with how far she has come they say that there’s a big chance that one day she will just probably need only her braces to walk and possibly no other devices to help her. Just the wheelchair for long distances. She has been blessed and has not had no troubles with her shunt. And her kidneys look great. She has to b cathed and hopefully one day can use underwear but there’s a chance she will be in diapers for the rest of her life. We are not givjng up. She has also had to have surgery on her tendons on ankles. She is one strong little girl. Because we are a big family and finances is a struggle at times it be a blessing if our baby girl can win this van. Thank you for taking the time to read her story. Godbless.