National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Ryan Starnes

Colfax, IA

Entry Photo for Ryan Starnes - Colfax, IA

This is Ryan. Ryan is a 13 year old boy who has spastic quad cerebral palsy. Ryan was born 13 weeks premature weighing only 1 lb 15 oz at birth. Ryan and his family live in Colfax Iowa. Ryan is my hero because he has endured so much in the last couple years and he is such a fighter. Ryan is such a happy child and he makes friends pretty much anywhere he goes. Since 2012 Ryan has had 16 very major and very painful surgeries on his legs to straighten bones and fix tight muscles. He had 12 surgeries all at once in 2012. He had 4 more surgeries in 2013 on his legs. And may need further surgeries this year or next year. We have had to borrow a vehicle to get Ryan to MN in the past because the handicap van we have now is just not safe or reliable for us. Our family needs this van so much to help get him back and forth to doctors appointments and to his specialists in MN. We have to take him to MN because that is where the doctors are who specialize in treating children with cerebral palsy. We also need the new van to be able to take him to our family Dr. when needed and to physical therapy appointments. Which right now is difficult to do.Our van we have now is over 24 years old and is falling apart. Not only does Ryan’s wheelchair barely fit on the lift of the van, but it is also not very reliable. I have put a lot of money into fixing the old van and it is still not fixed and the money has run out for me to fix it anymore. A new reliable van that he actually fit into would sure make life a lot easier for Ryan and his family. Please vote for Ryan! Thank you!