National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Sabrina Adbullah

Winter Park, FL

Entry Photo for Sabrina Adbullah - Winter Park, FL

My name is Sabrina Adbullah. My turning point in my life was when I was in a car accident on July 1, 2000. I was 17 years old at that time. Now, I am a C-7 quadriplegic in a wheelchair.
I don’t let being in a wheelchair stop me of my goals. I am still going on with my life. I have my own apartment and love living on my own, but it is hard sometimes to pay bills. I love to cook, go to the movies, watch sports and go to sporting events.
I work at Universal Studios. I been working there 10 years now. I work at the exit gate answering questions and waving goodbye to the quests as they leave the park. I like the job because it makes me feel happy inside to see other people happy. I work there 2 days a week in each day I work 5 hours. I make $74.54 week. I can’t do more hours because staying outside in hot or cold temperature can affect my health. I also get $667.00 a month from SSI.
I just graduated from Valencia College with my A.S. Degree in Business / Finance on May 9, 2015. Now, I am working on finding a job in my career. I want to find a job I can earn more money, so I can pay my bills and car repairs. I would love to get a brand new handicap van one day. Then I know I would get to work and doctor’s appointment on time and safe. Also, I can go back volunteering again. I’ve been volunteering for about 5 years now. Someone gave me a van I’ve been driving since 2009. It’s no longer working. Now, I am taking the city bus, I don’t like it. If the bus is running late then I be running late for work or if it’s two people in wheelchairs already on the bus then I have to wait for another one. Sometimes the bus be crowd then people will be all on top of you. If you can help me it will mean a lot because you will be helping me continue my goals. I have achieved a lot since my accident, and I want to achieve even more in my life. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.