National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Sarah Carr

Beverly, MA

Entry Photo for Sarah Carr - Beverly, MA

This is my 34 year old daughter Sarah. She is at a neurological level of 3 months of age. She does not walk, talk, read, write, nor is she toilet trained. She has seizures most days of her life. We have never found a way to control the seizures. I am Carol Amore and have been Sarah’s full time caretaker her entire life. I turned 60 last year and am fundraising full time for a wheelchair van. It is time to make life a little bit easier than all of the lifting, transferring, and assembling of Sarah’s wheelchair each and every time we have to go in and out of shops, appointments, restaurants and church. It is time to purchase a wheelchair van to ease the stress of constant planning in order to get our daily chores and errands done. We have no lifts. I am her lift for everything. Right now I limit our trips to only two stops per outing as the physical and mental effort required to transport Sarah is becoming increasingly stressful. With the space inside of a van to change Sarah’s clothes/ we will also be able to stay out for longer periods of time. We would have freedom to live the way others take for granted- to hop in and out of a vehicle whenever and where-ever. I lease from Nissan at the moment and have an extension until June. After that we will have no vehicle at all. Please consider us as a candidates for a van. Thank you very much, Carol and Sarah