National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Sarah Devoid

Pipestone, MN

Entry Photo for Sarah Devoid - Pipestone, MN

My name is Sarah, and I am mama to an amazing and inspiring little man named Brayden. Brayden is our angel here on earth. Brayden lives with cerebral palsy. From the day that Brayden was born we knew that he was special. Brayden is nonverbal, wheelchair dependent, and one of the bravest kids that I know. He has spent his life in and out of the hospital due to illnesses or surgeries related to his condition. He works hard at his therapies daily to help strengthen his muscles. Through all of this he continues to keep a smile on his face. His smile can melt the hearts of anyone who sees it. The kids in his class at school adore and love him. Although Brayden is nonverbal you can see his soul through his eyes. Brayden has a way of leaving a lasting mark on your heart.
Brayden is getting taller and bigger and the struggle to get him into and out of our non adaptive vehicle is getting harder. I am afraid every day that this is going to be the day my back goes out and then how will I care for my son? We live in a small town and to get the appropriate care that Brayden needs we must drive one hour away for his therapies, and four hours away for his Dr. visits.
Being able to have an accessible van would be life changing for Brayden and us. We would use this van to drive Brayden to school, therapy, Drs apppointments, and so much more.
Please consider voting for our angel on earth and thank you for reading our story.