National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Scott Bennett

Winter Haven, FL

Entry Photo for Scott Bennett - Winter Haven, FL

I am a man who was once a police officer. I had to retire after 13 years of service because of losing the ability to walk because of Multiple Sclerosis. Refusing to give up I have gone back to work as an IT Network Manager at a middle school near where I live. Getting back and forth to work has been a constant struggle. The vehicle I use now is a 1992 Ford van. It requires constant repair. I am married to a wonderful wife who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 neuroendocrine carcinoid cancer. I have 2 wonderful children from a previous marriage, a son Clay and daughter Stephanie. I also have a wonderful step-daughter Aubrey. My wife and I both work for the school board. She is a band director at a middle school near where we live. My family is active in the community and we are always on the go. my wife and I are also involved in our churches praise and worship team. I play saxophone ine the band and my wife sings. With both of us having medical issues and living on teachers salaries we live ok but we are not able to buy a new wheelchair van for me to drive to and from work and to doctor appointments. Winning this contest would be an answer to my family’s prayers.