National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:


Selah Clanton

Zephyrhills, FL

Selah Clanton

Meet 9 year old Selah Clanton. You may remember her story from the news. She was adopted from Ukraine; and in 2012 a stroller she and her brother, Sam, were riding in accidentally rolled into the Erie Canal. They nearly drowned. The accident left Selah in a wheelchair.

Selah has 3 brothers, Steve, Shad, and Sam; and a sister, Sarah. Her father, Jon, is a minister. Her mother, Yvonne, is a stay at home mom. Selah, Sam, and Sarah all have special needs. Because of the difficulty lifting Selah into and out of the car, she does not get to go anywhere except doctor appointments. She loves to be outside on her swing, and would probably love to go to the park if she could.

Selah may not get to travel, but her story has traveled around the world. She has touched many lives, and through her story, her family is able to advocate and raise money for other orphans. Please vote for Selah so that she may have a safer way to travel. Thank you. If you would like to read more about Selah and her family, you can visit her mom’s blog