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Shad Sexton

Jasonville, IN

Entry Photo for Shad Sexton - Jasonville, IN

On July 1st 2012 I was swimming with a friend when all at once my life changed drastically. I dove into the pool and broke my 5th cervical vertebrae which resulted in a high level spinal cord injury. This injury has left me in a wheelchair for almost two years.
It was the summer before my senior year and only ten days after my 18th birthday. I was close to graduating and becoming self reliant. Although it’s unfortunate I still do my best to stay positive and maintain a fairly normal life. After almost two long years I can finally say that I’m back to being independent with my own care. I do everything from dressing to cooking my own meals. I’m a freshman in college and I plan on going to college on campus once I get a vehicle. I’m still thinking about what I want to major in but there plenty of time to figure that out.
The biggest obstacle in my way now is getting a vehicle. My mom has to drive two hours one way just to rent a van for Dr appointments, therapy, or just to get me out of the house for the day. The fact that she works a full time job doesn’t make it any easier. Once you add the gas money for the eight hours of driving just to get the van here and back to the dealer with the $135 per day cost of the van just for a Dr’s appointment, it’s a very unpleasant feeling to say the least.
Winning this van would not only help me get back forth to appointments and help my parents, it will help me regain my independence and increase the quality of my life tremendously.