National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Shana Dunn

Jacksonville, NC

Entry Photo for Shana Dunn - Jacksonville, NC

My name is Shana Dunn. I am a Registered Nurse for a private duty-nursing agency. I have the pleasure of working with a variety of clients providing the level of care needed for patients to stay safely at home rather than in a nursing facility or hospital. One of these special clients is named Crystal Watson. Ms. Watson is 40 years young and lives with Jacksonville, North Carolina. She was born with Muscular Atrophy Type II. She has surpassed all medical expectations to date. Most recently, this past winter, Ms. Watson survived a near fatal case of pneumonia. She endured chest surgery following a collapsed lung, tracheostomy placement, and ventilator placement. Her recovery was rapid and unexpected. Her motivation to live the best life possible inspired all those around her. She was discharged from the hospital in February and now receives Private Duty Nursing services 16 hours a day, 7 days a week in her home. A team of caring professionals has the pleasure of working with her on a daily basis. Ms. Watson continues to set goals for herself and reach them in record time. One goal in particular is to return to doing activities outside of her home with her friends, family, and nurses by her side. Ms. Watson wheelchair bound. Traveling requires a small team and a large amount of medical equipment for airway management. This requires a van that is wheelchair accessible like the one offered in this promotion. There will be several entries and all deserving. Please consider Ms. Watson for a van during this very special promotion. A van will give her access to fulfill her dreams of leaving the home and leading an active life. Winning a van will allow her infectious positive attitude and determination to spread to all those in contact with her. I appreciate the time taken time to read about this very special person in my life. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Shana Dunn, RN