National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Shannon Acre

Yukon, OK

Entry Photo for Shannon Acre - Yukon, OK

My name is Shannon. In Sept 2013 my Son Antonius was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. My husband Darren, my 18 year old Son Alexander and my 14 year old daughter Angeleena decided that day we weren’t going to let Duchenne’s beat us as a family. We have participated in every muscle walk/run since and were the top earners for the walk in 2015. I work closely with the Fire Department on the fill the boot campaigns and have spoken two years in a row at the conference for the firefighters.

My family and I participate as Shambassador’s for Lowes, Homeland and The Waffle House. We visit make posters and answer questions so that we can find new exciting ways to get donations. In 2015 my Husband and I put together a Flag Football event that took place in our home town of Yukon were we raised awareness and funds to support the MDA. My Husband and I took the steps necessary to make sure that all the EMSA units and some fire/paramedic units have a DMD care card on each rig. The care care explains what they need to know about individuals with DMD. The card ensures the paramedics know what they can do, but also what they should never do when treating a Duchennes patient.

We are active in the DMD community and are present in one form or another regarding drug trials, the FDA, research and new fundraising ideas. In fact we are as we speak putting together a Rugby tournament to support the MDA and our Son (Antonius All Star Alliance). The tournament will raise awareness and bring people suffering with MD closer to people in their own communities. We are accomplishing this by working with our local MDA office. (We adore everyone in the Okc office). All entrants to the tornament will be given an MD patient from their community to play for. Their entry fees go to their MD family. Also the winner of the tornament gets a grand prize which is donated to their MD family.This puts the team, community and the MD families in touch after the tournament as well. We are the Acre Family and we will never let Duchenne’s or the 42 other types of MD beat us, our friends, or the MD community.

We never give up. We don’t know how. Thank You, The Acre family.