National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Shatika Turner

Ridge, NY

Entry Photo for Shatika Turner - Ridge, NY

Shatika Turner is a 26-year-old motivated individual from Ridge, NY. She attends college at St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue. She is majoring in marketing with a minor in computer information technology. She especially loves school because of the many events and opportunities that it provides.

She is completely driven when it comes to maintaining and having independence. This is her third year entering the mobility contest and hopes that her dreams will be answered. She hopes that she wins this contest to further her independence and give her more freedom. She currently has a permit and is taking driving lessons. She looks forward to the lessons and loves being behind the wheel. With each lesson, she becomes more comfortable with the thought of driving and being able to get around.

Right now she relies on her staff and paratransit to get her around. Using paratransit is not always the best idea, as they tend to be late or not show up at all. Though paratransit transports the disabled, Shatika feels that the company could better with their service. With the opportunity of missing rides or paratransit not showing up at all, Shatika misses out on a lot of social events.

She loves to travel and loves to be out of the house, especially in the summer. She feels that her life will improve with a vehicle of her own once she gets her license. She is steadily working towards this goal and would love the opportunity to acquire a vehicle.

She is also an author and would like to do book signings in the summertime. With her own vehicle, she will be able to go around to different book signings and share her work. She also wants to make a change in the community when it comes to the disabled and young adults. She hopes to one day speak at schools and be an inspiration to the young adults that she speaks to. Having a vehicle will allow these things to happen as often as she hopes.

After finishing college, she hopes to find a job in the marketing field and would love to be able to attend different events that will allow her to help her craft and meet new people. Being a people person, Shatika loves to allow her voice to be heard and inspire others to be great. A vehicle will be the seal on her independence.