National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Spencer Asbury

Cincinnati, OH

Entry Photo for Spencer Asbury - Cincinnati, OH

Hello! My name is Spencer Asbury I am 24 and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.
On July 13, 2015, I was in a near-fatal car accident that broke my 5th and 6th vertebrate, leaving me paralyzed from the chest down, and since my accident I’ve been stuck in the house for almost a year now due to transportation issues. I’m more than likely going to miss out on my son’s first birthday because of it also 🙁 This van could change my life for the better so I can enjoy life again and get to the therapy I need and open the door for me to get back to the working world also! Thank you for the chance to win this, as I know other disabled folks who I will refer to sign up for their chance to win. Thank you.
Sincerely, Spencer D.Asbury