National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Tamara Boone

Fairfeild, CA

Entry Photo for Tamara Boone - Fairfeild, CA

Many people probably think that I am my daughter’s hero because she depends on me for all of her care, health, and happiness. The truth is that I am not her hero she is mine. My daughter Gabriella is ten years old. She has Cerebral Palsy, microcephaly, epilepsy, chronic lung disease and she is also deaf, blind, and nonverbal. She has had a difficult life from the moment that she was born with multiple setbacks and health scares but she is the strongest person that I have ever met. Even without words she has a way of inspiring others. She reminds me how beautiful and precious life is. She teaches those around her to appreciate life as it is. Her laughter fills the air with joy and hope!

Being a mother of three has challenges all of its own however having a child with disabilities adds a whole new level of parenting and caregiving. Every mother worries about her children and wonders if she is doing what is best for them but with my daughter I have to worry about so much more. I worry that the next cold she gets from a classmate could be fatal to her. Although it has inspired me to appreciate every moment that we have together. We celebrate each day now more than we ever did before. We now understand the importance of making memories together as a family not only for Gabriella but for the entire family. If we creative memories now we will be able to cherish them for rest our lives even after she is gone. Having an accessible van means being able to go places and experience life outside of our home. It is a way of exploring the world together and taking on new adventures.

My daughter is my hero because she has not given up. Everything is a challenge and a fight for her. Even the breaths that she takes can require assistance. There have been times that I was not sure if she would pull through and it was those exact times that she showed me the true depth of her strength. She has endured more in her ten years of life than anyone should ever have to but I know she is her for a reason. She is on this Earth and in our lives to inspire us and so that we know heroes exist.