National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Tammara Alexander

Harvest, AL

Entry Photo for Tammara Alexander - Harvest, AL

My father, Larry J. Burkett served in the Vietnam War. He also served as an undercover cop in Columbia, SC for twelve years. He’s now a 65 year-old 100% disabled retired Army vet. He’s suffered multiple strokes, has type Type 1 diabetes, and as of March 2016, received a left leg amputation and one of his remaining three toes on his right leg was also amputated. I too am a vet, but I’m in the Air Force so he often makes me laugh by sharing Army views of the Air Force. I moved him from South Carolina in March 2016 to live with me here in Alabama as he was being neglected and exploited by family and associates there and was placed in Adult Protective Custody. My father tried tediously to keep people off the streets and educate them on how to be productive citizens in the community. Unfortunately he was often taken advantage of, but now he’s getting stronger and stronger in rehab. It would mean a lot to him and I to win a wheel chair van as it will definitely make travel a lot easier on both of us.