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Entry Photo for TANYA SCOTT - TEMPLE, GA

Hello my name is tanya scott and my world change on greatly in 2012 when the doctors told me that   I   would no longer be able to work and that   I   was disabled,even though they told me that   I   still thought that   I   would be able to return but as it seem the doctors were correct   I   have mulitiple sclerosis,ra,oa,neurolgia,neuropathy, chf ust to name a few since then it has been a struggle for my family being that since my husband returned from afganistan being a wounded warrior with ptsd   I   was the main source of income for my family while my husband received his surgeries and treatments, so when they informed me it was a blow to our family with that and also because me being the spouse   I   am not eligable for the programs if   I   was a soldier, so for the lst four years we have been having a hard time and in march of last year we were involvedd in an life threatening accident and after   I   spent a month in the hospital much of it was unconscious state and after inpatient rehaband having rehab at home   I   am in a quad electric wheel chair and   I   have no means of transportating myself to and from the many doctor appointments my insurance does not cover it and the wheelchair can not be picked up   I   am in need of a side entry wheelchair van so everyday   I   am looking for a way to get it because every month we are behind on our bills and have to ask charities and families and friends for help just to make it and with my disibility   I   have chronic nerve pain and   I   can not sit up for long periods of time s my wheelchair is design for my ailments but   I   cant take it with me to my doctor appointments or anywhere having a side entry wheelchair will not only help me gain some independance back but   I   will not be in increase avoidable pain and   I   will be able to take my daughter to activities beside the doctor and it would help us out and be a great blessing to me thank you