National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Tenelle Boyce

Hollywood, FL

Entry Photo for Tenelle Boyce - Hollywood, FL

This letter is to express how in my heart and mind I look at my son Tenelle Boyce as my hero 🙂

He is an inspiration for me and others, all who know him love him, his big smile and love he shows to others is so amazing! He never complains, he taught me patience, kindness, appreciation for life and most of all how to love unconditionally!

We have always been together from day one. I can’t remember a day that goes by and I didn’t lift him up literally .. In my heart I know he needs to move around and with my last strength I will do it for him.

Over the years we have done it together, he trusts only me to pick him up. As he has gotten older and me we really need a wheelchair accessible van. It would make his life so much more productive. Tenelle enjoys outdoors, he visits friends especially when they are sick to encourage them. He loves the movies, he loves shopping … He enjoys taking his bible and reading a scripture to help up build people in his community. Tenelle has always been on the go. I take him wherever we go! As a single parent it is important to me to always be with my children ( my family ) and in his 31 years on this earth he is not left out.

I know he would be extremely happy to be able to have the freedom to go in and out without being lifted. He hurts for me and sometimes he feels embarrassed to have to be carried like a baby. I do it with all the love I have for him. It has been many many years and I know that as we get older together which is a blessing it will get more difficult. Circumstances are not allowing us to be able to buy a van on our own. We can’t afford to. Please consider us for the accessible van. You will not regret your choice. This is from the bottom of my heart for my sweetest son Tenelle Boyce.