National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Therese Bagley Kwiatkowski

Central Point, OR

Entry Photo for Therese Bagley Kwiatkowski - Central Point, OR

My younger brother Myles is my hero! He became a paraplegic at age 18. He works harder and rolls further than anyone I know to follow his passions and dreams. Hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking- if it’s in the outdoors and he’s interested-he’ll find a way!
His determination and effort is phenomenal. Myles is a stellar human being, a fantastic brother and an even better uncle.
Myles deserves the world, but it often seems he is handed more than his fair share of hard times and heart break. A van would provide him with steady and safe transportation so he could continue in his studies and graduate. The next step in his life is to gain a job in his field of study so he finally has the means to support himself and his needs.
This would be amazing!