National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Tiffany Browning

Carmi, IL

Entry Photo for Tiffany Browning - Carmi, IL

Hi my name is Gaven Browning and with a little help I want to tell you all about my “hero” and the most awesome mom in the entire world, Tiffany Browning. You see my mom always wanted a child of her own and after years of trying she just thought that it wasn’t in the cards for her to have a baby of her own. When she was 37 she gave her family and my dad the greatest Christmas gift ever (ok maybe I am a little partial) when she told them that I was temporarily living in her belly!!!! It was in the coming months that she would learn that I was going to be extra special because I have Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus with a VP shunt. That’s when it all made sense why she was got me. I needed an extra special mom and God couldn’t have chosen a better one than her.

My mom is a nurse and works extra hard to take care of me and make sure that I have what I need without treating me any differently than any other “normal” kid. We live in a small town about three hours from my doctors in St. Louis and have to travel back and forth a lot for appointments. I am getting to be a big boy now, as you can see from the picture (am I cute or what????), and can use my wheelchair to get around really good. The problem is that my wheelchair won’t fit in my mom’s car so she has to carry me around to my appointments because my legs just don’t work and really who wants their MOM to carry them when they are a big boy??? With my medical bills, my mom just can’t afford to buy a new van. If we just had a wheelchair accessible van to get around in, I could show my doctor’s what a big boy I really am and get out and enjoy life even more!!!!

She tells me all of the time that I am so special and bring so much love and happiness to her and that I am an inspiration to our entire family, but what she doesn’t know is that she is the real inspiration of what unconditional love and joy is. I would appreciate your vote and would love to see my mom rocking that van.