National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Tracy Brigham

Chicago, IL

Entry Photo for Tracy Brigham - Chicago, IL


Hello I am submitting on my son’s behalf. His name is James Brigham and he is 19 years old. As his mom, a single parent, it has been extremely hard over the years to care for James alone but I have managed to do so. We have seen some hard times. James is a very enthusiastic young man that relies on me for assistance with everything that he does and needs. Getting this wheelchair accessible van would change his quality of life in such a great way. I would be able to take him on trips and get him out of the house more often. Being able to receive this van would minimize the stress and pressure on my family a great deal. This van would bring us great joy. It is my sincerest hope that you consider us for the wheelchair giveaway. Sincerely, The Brigham Family.