National Mobility Awareness Month Partners:

Travis Bockover

Denton, TX

Entry Photo for Travis Bockover - Denton, TX

Hello! My name is Erika & I am a wife & mom to 3 daughters & this is my story. I was born with a form of muscular dystrophy with hip dysplasia (dislocated hips). I had multiple surgeries on my hips as a child. I always had limited mobility but always adapted & figured out how to get the job done.
I married my husband when I was 21. We had 3 daughters and sadly my 2 youngest, now 16 & 19 years old, also have muscular dystrophy. They too have to use power wheelchairs for long distance walking.
About 12 years ago I had to have both my hips replaced and since my mobility has gotten worse. I am now in a power wheelchair full time. I’m not even able to transfer myself anymore & am completely dependent on my husband & my wheelchair now.
My husband is my hero. He’s been by my side throughout. From piggy backing me up stairs, through an amusement park once, to being there and helping me through my hip surgeries, and his continued support with this progressive disease. I really can’t even put into words how much he means & does for me & our girl’s. I would be completely lost without him.
This van would be such a blessing to our family by making transporting my daughter’s & I so much easier on my husband. He wouldn’t have to worry about finding a trailer to borrow or rent, to use for our 3 power wheelchairs, transferring me from my chair to the vehicle. And then the time it takes to load & tie down 3 power chairs & then pray we don’t encounter any rain. So yes this van would make life a lot easier on my husband & our family.
Thank you for taking your time to read my story.